Our Secret?We know how our systems will sound before they're even designed

Introducing 2B Heard

2B Heard Audio Solutions is the UK distributor for a select range of premium professional audio brands. We combine the experience of a team of audio professionals who deliver exceptional service and support.

2B Heard is the sole authorised distributor for K-array loudspeaker solutions and has a wealth of D.A.S. project and design experience. We offer the highest level of technical support, which is built upon real world experience within the UK entertainment technology industry.Meet the team.

As the UK's leading specialist in the design and use of K-array and D.A.S. systems, 2B Heard can partner with your operation to give you as much support as you need.
Our knowledge and practical experience in the professional audio sector has taken many forms, but at the forefront of our ethos is the aim to encourage the use of innovative technology to provide the very best audio solutions.

IE Production Services is a winner with K-array at Liverpool’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
K-array solutions serve a variety of temporary performance structures along the historic 26.2 mile marathon course

K-array seminar KH8 Firenze systemK-array's UK distributor, 2B Heard, hosted a seminar for some of the UK's leading audio engineers on the benefits of K-array's new KH8 Firenze system.
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