2B Heard / K-Array / AFMG Lecture Presentation

Feb 5th 2016 Firenze AES White Paper / FIR EASE presentation. 2B Heard Ltd. hosted a one day presentation in conjunction with AFMG and K-Array at their Luton facility.

2B Heard Host A Successful First UK Event For AFMG / K Array

Alex, Sam, Dave, Mario, Stefan

Friday 5th of February saw a wide ranging group of audio professional from Engineers, Consultants, Designers and Retail gather to hear some of the ground breaking features being delivered from AFMG FIRmaker software system and K Array's new top of the FIRENZE range KH8 System.

Forthcoming from this event will be the online video version of both of these presentations in full. Along with some further news very shortly.

Many thanks to Alex, Stefan and Mario and to all who attended.

AFMG (Ahnert Feistel Gmbh / EASE) - FIRmaker Presented by Stefan Feistel

AFMGAFMG FIRmaker is the revolutionary sound optimization tool from AFMG, which builds the bridge to next generation sound systems. Loudspeaker manufacturers can employ FIRmaker to give their customers the option of tuning DSP FIR filters to every possible venue within seconds.

FIRmaker represents a highly sophisticated optimization algorithm that is designed for computing optimal FIR coefficients tailored to the venue. Based on input data describing location geometry and sound sources, AFMG FIRmaker computes optimal filter transfer functions that can be automatically converted to FIR filters.

K-Array - KH8 - Armonia DSP - AES Paper Presented by Alessandro Tatini and Mario Di Cola

K ArrayThe KH8 Firenze system is a new line array concept that offers a unique solution for demanding tour applications, large-scale productions and live events.

Combining the AFMG FIR filters with the onboard Armonia DSP system loaded into each unit providing eight channels of DSP and amplification for each panel, thus allowing the system the ability to accurately steer the speakers' sound beam.

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