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A Couple Of Short Videos Captured From The Recent Leona Lewis "I Am" Tour

Karray Firenze KH8 House Left

Yes this is me installing the House Left side of the KH8 system at the Armadillo in Glasgow. I installed both sides on my own to demonstrate just how easy this really is. From attaching the hook to the system being flown too trim height in a total of 6mins.

If we were to add to this a further 2 frames providing a total of 12 Panels in four frames we would only add a further 3 mins to this setup time.

The system not only requires minimum floor space but also allows coverage in a way not available in any other system. Giving massive amounts of vertical coverage without the need for hanging more boxes than required just to achieve the bend.

Cutting down on truck space, load IN and load OUT times crew the list just goes on.

2B Heard Tube

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