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Premier events company SXS sails to new heights with KR102 portable systems.

SXS Events meet high end requirements with K-Array KR102

K-Array KR102 is Fit For A Princess

SXS regularly stages premium events that demand excellent sound, but where the client often doesn’t want to see the equipment. Distributed in the UK by 2B Heard, the K-array KR102 is designed to satisfy this increasing requirement.
SXS invested in a KR102 from pro audio equipment supplier LMC Audio in August 2015, with one of its first deployments being at the international dealers dinner for Plymouth-based Princess Yachts. It took place in the historic Ropery at Devonport Dockyard - a long, narrow 17th century building which scored highly on atmosphere, but not acoustic friendliness.

Johnny and his team also used the KR102’s onboard processing to assist with the overall sound of the event. “It was a complex, multi zone system which we set up using 16 matrixes. There were speeches from multiple places, a DJ, background music… we time aligned everything to ensure uniform sound quality at all times in all areas of the event,” he says.

“Most of our clients have been using us long-term and they trust us to always deliver a great sonic solution. I believe in using the right tools for the right job - whether it’s a ‘big name’ on the box is irrelevant. We have used the KR102 on a number of events and it has been very successful.”

SXS Says

“A primary benefit of the KR102 is that it is aesthetically very discreet, but it sounds great and is very versatile,” says SXS founder and director Johnny Palmer. “It caters a for wide range of events without being visually distracting. In addition, the fact that it’s very fast to deploy and take down, it has a tiny footprint and takes up minimal transport space is great. The integration and onboard DSP is also very useful.”
SXS works closely with LMC, whose service goes much further than just supplying equipment, as Johnny explains. “We work with very high level clients with demanding expectations. Far from being just a ‘box shifter’, LMC is key in helping us to deliver the necessary high level of service. The company’s London sales manager JP Cavaco is almost like another member of the SXS team - offering proactive support, acting almost as equipment consultant and a second set of eyes and ears.”

LMC Says

“We are working closely with 2B Heard to raise the profile of K-array loudspeakers in the UK market.The KR102 is ideal for companies like SXS who work with very high profile clients, where events demand high aesthetic and audio values, but prominent ‘black boxes’ are unacceptable,” says Louisa Woodford, Marketing & PR at LMC Audio.

Further Info

For further info about SXS's event production services visit the SXS website:
For pricing details and to arrange a demonstration of K-Array KR102 contact the LMC sales team:

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