K-array Firenze In Full At The Echo Arena Liverpool

Liverpool Echo Arena Demo

On the 15th / 16th 2B Heard UK Ltd. hosted a full scale arena demo of the flagship K-array Firenze KH8 touring system.

Arena Demonstration Of The K-array Firenze Series KH8 / KS8 /KH7 and KH2

In The ClassroomFollowing on from the various UK tours, demonstrations and training days the decision was made following various customer requests to arrange for a full scale arena demonstration.

The Echo Arena in Liverpool was chosen for this test, held over 2 days to allow for training sessions to local LIPA students and ECHO Arena technical staff as well as the full scale presentation and demonstrations to customers.

Sam and Dave from 2B Heard UK were also joint by a team from K-array Italy for the event. Following an introduction from Sam Danille Mochi from K-array presented a brief but concise overview of the SAT (Slim Array Technology) covering also the technology and implementation of the FIR Filter system used for alignment and control from AFMG Germany. After which Dave covered topics relating too the practical installation and operation of the system.

Following this was a selection of audio which demonstrated the coverage achieved across the entire Arena.

The System In Detail

Single Hang of KH8For such a full scale demonstration it is quite surprising how little equipment is required, this is also very obvious when you take into consideration the actual size of the units themselves.

Two clusters for the main PA comprised 9 KH8 panels per side in the frames, these were suspended from two 2 tonne motors. The entire weight of one cluster including cables and motors was under 1.6 tonnes. With it only taking 8 minutes to hang a single side of KH8 the install of the system did not take very long, please also keep in mind that if required this system can be hung by a single technician requires no major floor area and has possibly the safest rigging system of any major PA system due to the vertical hang of the system. With the pre-wired frames and ultra quick angle adjustments flying the system is, fast and safe.

All initial predictions were created within EASE focus the panels had the required angles adjusted, and the FIR filter settings were uploaded to the system via the Armonia control program.

On the ground were four KS8 sub-woofers per side running in normal mode without any cardioid configuration for this demonstration. Again all aligned and controlled via Armonia.

For the side hangs we used an array of four KH7 units vertical arrayed in a straight column. The angles required to cover the side seats we calculated in EASE and then all FIR filters were uploaded again via Armonia to electronically steer / adjust to the required coverage. This side hang was suspended from a single 1 tonne motor with a total weight of under 300kg including motor and all cables. Again rigging times was exceptionally quick.

Above the KS8's were 8 KH2's deployed for front fill.

Three K-Box distribution control units were used for power, signal and control distribution.

EASE FOCUS 3 Information

Below we have the Plan and Side elevations along with the frequency plot including the subs at the various predicted receiver positions. The consistency of coverage shown in these diagrams is truly reflected in the performance of the system when listened too.

Plan View at 2kHz full arena. Side View at 2kHz. Frequency Response Including Subs

A View From The Side

Side View of the Main SystemThis image still really gets me that something so slim and light can perform with such power and accuracy. It must be kept in mind that everything within this system is designed and engineered to produce the utmost power and performance in the most compact of packages.

When you calculate the total number of physical driver units contained in one side of the system and then remember that once the FIR filters have been applied fully re-aligning the system we have a true column of significant capabilities. In the nine panels for the ECHO demo we had 72 off 8" drivers, 72 off 4" drivers and 36 off 1.4" Drivers all being driven by over 6000w of Powersoft power over 8 channels (2000w per chan) of amplifier with 8 channels of Armonia DSP all contained in an air cooled totally silent IP65 Electronics module, with almost no power loss from amplifier too speaker.

Following on from these figures one of the truly staggering facts is if you were too hang the 24 Panels you are able to hang the driver totals are then staggering as you would have 192 off 8" driver, 192 off 4" drivers and 96 off 1.4" HF drivers fully coupled to a level of power not currently provided by any other system in the market place. When this system is deployed it would be without doubt a day to remember, coming to a field near you soon.

With 120 degrees of horizontal coverage coupled with near limitless mechanical and electronic vertical coverage in a single array unit weighing in at 45Kg. Utilising a frequency response in the cluster alone from 60Hz - 18kHz.

Below this we have the 9000W double 21" IPAL driven KS8 Subs operating from 150Hz down to a ground shaking 25Hz. Again electronically driven by Powersoft Modules producing 145dB of power again contained in an air cooled totally silent IP65 module. With a captive rigging system that directly integrates with the KH8 for flying subs without adding any extra issues or time in the rigging of the system.

More Events and Training Sessions To Follow Very Soon.

Please send us your details via email too to be kept informed of what is coming.

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